Yeskamo Solar Security Camera Review

Yeskamo Solar Security Camera is a low maintenance outdoor wireless CCTV system. The camera is equipped with motion detection, night vision and features cloud storage.

The floodlight will light up to scare intruders once the system detects a human in the motion detection zone. It will also send a notification to your phone. You can also expect high-resolution videos with its 3.0MP lens and 1080HD resolution.

As for the spotlight camera, Yeskamo sets it apart from the standard PIR sensor. This feature reduces the number of false alarms drastically. Users can also enjoy brilliant features such as two-way audio and a wide field of view.

But, the motion detector of this camera is below average. Yeskamo also has poor service in solving customer complaints.

Product Specs

🔹 Solar panel power: 2 Watts
🔹 Internal Battery: 30 watt-hours
🔹 Field of View: 120 degrees
🔹 Connectivity: 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi
🔹 Night Vision: Yes
🔹 Resolution: 1080p HD
🔹 Motion detection: Yes
🔹 Notifications: Yes
🔹 Live view: Yes
🔹 External Storage: Cloud storage
🔹 Internal Storage: 128 GB SD Card
🔹 Water resistance: IP65 weatherproof

Things to Consider Before Buying a Yeskamo Solar Security Camera

The Yeskamo Solar Security Camera is best suited for those who need a ready-to-go surveillance system with low maintenance. If you’re looking for a security camera that you don’t have to constantly charge, this is a decent choice.

It also records high-quality videos and sends notifications to your phone.

But, the Yeskamo solar security camera is not for you if your phone is always off or mute. The system sends notifications to your phone whenever it detects motion, and you won’t want to miss them.

It’s hard to install the camera in houses made primarily with bricks. And if your modem does not give off the 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi signal, you can’t use this security camera.

Yeskamo Solar Security Camera Features and Benefits

The Yeskamo Solar Security Camera has several benefits that make the price seem too low.

Night Vision

The Yeskamo Solar Security Camera has a floodlight for colour night vision, but this is only triggered when a human walks into view of the camera.

I like this feature because it won’t leave the light on in my house at all times. Also, it captures the image of the intruder and scares them off, so I can kill two birds with one stone. You can also turn the light on from your app.

PIR Sensor/Infrared Night Vision

This CCTV camera features an infrared night vision that can capture black and white images up to 100ft. You only get colour images when movement triggers the PIR sensor.

But Yeskamo does not use the traditional PIR sensor. Instead, the system only sends a notification when a human body and shoulder are in the camera coverage.

Cloud Edge App

The Yeskamo Solar Security Camera has free iOS and Android apps like most security camera systems. This provides you with a live view and playback regardless of your location.


Motion Detection Settings: The solar security camera sends notifications whenever it detects motion. But you don’t have to worry about it blowing up your phone since it waits to recognize a human face and body.

Useful Features

Live View: As long as you connect the Yeskamo system to the Wi-Fi, you can access remote live view. This allows you to see what the cameras are recording in real-time.

Cloud and Internal Storage Access: You can connect the system to the cloud or use an SD card up to 128GB.

Video Download: The Yeskamo app also allows you to download videos. I especially like this feature because it will help me record necessary evidence.

Push to Talk Feature: It works as a doorbell system, allowing you to talk to the person at the other end.

Push Notifications

Yeskamo provides push notifications when using its mobile app with a security camera. But the notifications are more compatible with mobile devices, reminding me of the time I forgot my phone at home and had to do without it all day.

If you’re going to use this camera, prepare to keep your phone by your side. Luckily, it won’t blow up your phone with notifications. But you might miss a few details because of the unreliable motion sensor, so check in regularly.

Data Storage

It’s pretty easy to store data on the Yeskamo solar security camera, and you can download the videos you need and delete the rest.

Internal SD Card

Yeskamo camera supports a Micro SD card up to 128GB, but you’ll have to purchase that yourself.

Cloud Storage

You can also save the data on the cloud, which I found is the best way to keep your CCTV videos so you can access them from anywhere.

Two-Way Audio Built-In

The Yeskamo Solar Security Camera has a two-way audio feature. The system allows you to talk and listen to whoever is in front of the camera. You can answer the deliveryman, ask questions before opening the door, and warn intruders.

The camera features a built-in noise-reduction microphone and speaker that allows it to record and save videos with audio. What I like most about it is that you can use the two-way audio with your phone from anywhere, which is excellent for those who work long hours.

Field of View

The field of view offered by the Yeskamo Solar Security Camera is up to 100 degrees for the floodlight. The spotlight provides 120 degrees, which allows you to cover a relatively big area when compared to the competition.

This feature would have come in handy when a bird was nesting in the corner of my porch, which I didn’t notice for months.

You can see every part of your yard with an expansive view except for the views behind the camera. If you position your cameras well, you can avoid any blind spots.

Motion Detection

As mentioned earlier, the Yeskamo solar security camera features motion detection. This informs you whenever a human being is in view. So, if you’re getting a camera to find that pesky animal messing up your garden, this won’t do the trick.

I understand the reason for the upgraded sensor since a significant complaint in most CCTV systems is false alarms. But I think a standard sensor will be helpful when animals get into my yard.

Also, you have to get close to the camera before it can detect motion, which is not efficient.

Video Quality

With a 3.0MP ultra-HD video quality, you can easily set faces apart and more when watching videos recorded by the Yeskamo solar CCTV. The camera has a video quality of 1080 HD and 2048×1536 megapixels for high-definition frames.

This also applies to using it at night, although keep in mind that the video will be black and white.

Camera Installation

It’s pretty easy to install the Yeskamo solar security camera, which is another advantage. It would be best to have a solid surface and the correct position that offers your porch a good view. Then, drill a few screws and mount the camera.

If your house features a stone masonry construction, it will be hard to find a stable attachment point except if you purchase masonry screws. You can inspect your home for wooden beams or siding and install the camera there.

Solar Panel Installation

The solar panel installation is the same as the camera, except that it should be close to a source of sunlight. You can place the panel to the side of the camera or slightly higher, but ensure that it is relatively close.

2.4Ghz Network Connection

The Yeskamo solar CCTV is only compatible with the 2.4Ghz signal from your Wi-Fi modem. This is pretty outdated, although there’s a low chance that you have a modem without this signal.

The 2.4 signal band is the most congested, and if you have many smart home devices connected to it, the Wi-Fi will become less responsive.

IP65 Weatherproof

You don’t have to worry about rain or snow because the Yeskamo solar security camera is weatherproof. The camera has protection against water jets, water spray, and condensation from any direction. It will continue to work as long as there is no extreme weather like flooding.

What Do Real Users report about Yeskamo Solar Security Camera?

While compiling this review, I scoured the internet for what other people have to say about the solar security camera. Most reviews are positive, praising the wide camera angles, easy setup and installation, and impressive clarity.

But the negative reviews criticized the motion detection, with some customers saying that it stopped working at random moments and picked up again.

Although it is a wireless camera, it still comes with a cord and adapter for plugging in, and it’s not completely wireless unless you use a solar power kit. This left some customers upset since the product description does not state this.

Yeskamo also has poor customer service for replacements and solving complaints.


The Yeskamo Solar Security Camera is a pretty decent system that solves the problem of monitoring your yard and porch. Since it keeps intruders away, you feel safer in your home.

It has multiple features that add value, like the high-quality video and audio and reliable night mode with motion detection. The system also offers a lot of space, low-maintenance needs, and convenience.

Although it has a few downsides, it has received many positive reviews for a reason.

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