The 5 Best Extra Large Parcel Drop Boxes 2023

Our favourite extra large delivery box (parcel box) is Keter Package Delivery Box, because it’s spacious, water resistant and most importantly – majority of carriers consistently use it.

Most thievery is a matter of opportunity. Parcel boxes protect your goods in two ways. First, the obvious: they’re hard to get into. But second, many porch pirates won’t even think about stealing your packages if they don’t see them out in the open.

The only challenge with delivery boxes today is the fact that they tend to be pretty small. Most people only get a few things in at a time, and they only get small parcels and letters. If you regularly accept a lot of packages or larger packages, you’ll need to use one of these extra-large parcel drop boxes.


Keter Package Delivery Box

An attractive box with a lockable storage compartment.

Spacious, attractive, and visibly labeled.
❌ A little fragile in construction.


Box Sentinel

A secure heavy-duty keycode box made from aluminum & stainless steel.

✅ Extremely well-secure and made in the USA.
Looks industrial.



RTS Home Accents Parcelwirx

A simple trunk box that can accommodate large packages.

✅ Simple construction with a universal look.
Uses just a simple latch for security.

Best Extra Large Parcel Drop Boxes Reviews & Recommendations for 2023

The Best Overall: Keter Package Delivery Box

Image source: Keter

The Keter Package Delivery Box features both an attractive, timeless design as well as the ability to accept packages without a code or key. Packages are placed in the upper bin and dropped down into the box, where they will safely remain until someone opens the box with a key.

The internal dimensions of this box are 19.7 wide and 25.7 deep. It’s designed so that it will resist water and any bad weather, even though it does have that special bin system. With its lock, it’s exceptionally well-protected. And it doesn’t have to have any particular type of installation. It just works. 

Likely the best part of the Keter Package Delivery Box is the fact that it’s both attractive and functional. It is a little more expensive than some options, but it pays for itself in its attractiveness and utility.


✅ Easy to use and install.

✅ Can accept packages without code or key.

✅ Water and weather resistance.


A little more expensive than other options.

The Runner up: the Box Sentinel

Image source: MB Sentinel

This is truly one of the toughest and most serious all-around options for those who want to make sure their packages are absolutely protected. Made with aluminum and stainless steel, this box will defeat anyone who is eager to get in. The carrier will have a special code and you can enter a code to get in. The only downside is that it does need a code to get into it, so you will need to connect to with your carrier.

Sized large enough for nearly all packages shipped via Amazon, this box doesn’t just protect things from the elements and thieves, but can also help protect food deliveries from the heat. Most of all, this is a technologically advanced solution that is built to be extremely hardy. Read our full Box Sentinel review here.


✅ A large box designed around Amazon packages.

✅ Made with stainless steel and aluminum.

✅ Can keep food deliveries safe.


Carrier requires a special code.

Best for the Money: RTS Home Accents Parcelwirx Premium Horizontal Delivery Drop Box


Image source: ParcelWirx

With the RTS Home Accents Premium Horizontal Delivery Box, you can keep your packages safe while still accenting your home with some unique decor. This Horizontal Delivery Box is unobtrusive from the outside and easily accommodates larger packages. A hinged lid opens outward and upward, and the lid can be locked with either a smart lock or a traditional lock.

Made out of sturdy materials and a solid finish, the Horizontal Delivery Box resists weather and aging and is attractive enough to be mistaken for regular decor. Its interior is spacious 33.5 by 18 by 23.2 inches which are enough for virtually any package.

But there are downsides as well, the most significant of which is the fact that someone does need the code or the key to get into it. This contrasts with other drop box style devices that don’t need a key or code for actual deliveries.


✅ A simple, hinged lid.

✅ Takes a smart lock or traditional lock.

✅ Made of sturdy materials.


Requires code or key to get into.

The Most Affordable: Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard

Image source: Cosco Outdoor

BoxGuard is a heavy-duty locked box that’s clearly marked so that delivery professionals know where to put products and packages. It’s available in grey or brown depending on what you’re looking for, though one small downside is that it does look a little more industrial than some other options. The angled roof adds flair, and it is one of the most affordable options for a porch locker available.

It comes with a clever hinge that has enough tension to hold the lid open even without assistance, and that means that it’s easier for someone to place heavy packages in. You can direct anyone who makes deliveries to you to place packages in this box for protection and to keep your goods away from prying eyes. And the box doesn’t just protect from thieves, but also animals and weather.

This box can hold 6.3 cubic feet of packages, which means it will hold multiple packages or just a few days of mail if you have a tendency to be out. That’s over 40 gallons of storage, all in a compact and weather-resistant format.


✅ Over 40 gallons of storage.

✅ A hinge that holds the lid open.

✅ Attractive angled roof.


Not as attractive as a whole as other options.

The Best Commercial: Winbest Large Steel Parcel Box

Image source: Winbest

Are you in need of a commercial solution? The Winbest Large Steel Parcel Box is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a heavy-duty solution. It’s designed to provide the most reliable method for storing large volumes of packages though it’s quite narrow for larger packages. The dimensions are 10.5 by 15.4 by 41.5 inches, so it’s really intended for large amounts of packages rather than very large packages.

Mounting hardware is included for those who want to mount it, and a special tamper-resistant slot prevents packages from being pulled out once dropped in. Altogether, that creates an excellent place for people to store everything they need.


✅ A strong, commercial item.

✅ Able to be mounted.

✅ Tamper-resistant.


Best for commercial rather than residential.

Finding the Right Large Porch Box

Start with whether you need a box with volume or package size. Some people get a lot of small packages and need to be able to accept them all. Other people occasionally get a very large package and need to have the space for that.

There’s also the method of use. Some require a key or an access code, while others can have things dropped in USPS style.

Large porch lockers vary depending on the cost and the security. The cost can range from under a hundred dollars to nearly a thousand depending on the size and security you need. And, of course, there’s also design. If you need your locker for residential or commercial use, you may find certain designs more attractive for your environment.

The best overall extra-large parcel drop box on the market right now is the Keter Package Delivery Box, which features both an attractive, timeless design as well as the ability to accept packages without a code or key.

The best value for money extra-large parcel dropbox is the RTS Home Accents Parcelwirx Premium Horizontal Delivery Drop Box. It is made out of sturdy materials and has a solid finish, and

The above five options are all great choices, depending on what you personally need. Get peace of mind today and make sure that your packages are fully protected by selecting a porch locker box today.

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