UPS Stolen Package: What Can You Do? (Updated for 2022)

Some people may call it a problem of luxury, but when you lose a UPS package or it’s stolen, this can really feel like the end of the world, especially when it comes time to recoup your losses. Sometimes you just want to exact revenge on those annoying porch pirates. But that comes next. The question right now is – what do you do? 

To answer this question, we’ve put together this helpful guide that lays out exactly what the process is and all the information you need. Our goal is to make it easier to recoup your loss than it would be doing it on your own. Read on to learn more about what to do if your UPS package is lost or stolen.  

For starters, a lot depends on whom you are — the sender or the receiver. Depending on the scenario, UPS has different rules to follow. Overall, UPS tends to work more with the shipper, unless the receiver has a UPS InfoNotice – you know, the little yellow notes they leave taped to your door. Furthermore, keep in mind that lost and stolen packages are also treated differently. If your package was delivered, yet stolen, UPS will take no responsibility. If, however, you file a police report with your local police station, UPS will cooperate. 

I’m the Recipient of a Lost or Stolen Package: Now What?

If your package was lost, UPS should be able to easily find it. You’ll need the tracking status of the package to start the process. UPS will look into whether the package was delivered, whether you signed for it, and whether you’ve given permission to leave packages by your front door without a signature. Even if you give permission for a package to be left, it is still up to the UPS delivery driver’s discretion whether to leave the package unattended. 

If you have a UPS InfoNotice, it means one of two things: your package has been delivered or it was stolen. On the other hand, if there is no InfoNotice left on your door, this means either the package wasn’t delivered or it was lost in the delivery process. In this case, you should first contact the shipper and let them know the package didn’t arrive by or after the specified delivery time. After this, the shipper should contact UPS to help locate the package. In some instances, the shipper may simply resend the item(s) or reimburse you for both the missing contents and the shipping costs.

A lost package may be redirected to the UPS Access Point where you can pick it up. Another option is to reschedule the delivery for another time and leave instructions for the driver. Be sure to check your InfoNotice carefully. It may contain important information about your package, such as it being left with a neighbor or in a hiding spot somewhere on your property.

I’m the Shipper of a Lost or Stolen UPS Package: What Do I Do?

As a retailer, you probably get a call from time-to-time from a customer whose package never showed up. The customer may be angry, upset, and threaten to never do business with you again. It’s up to you to find the package as soon as possible. 

Give UPS a call, and they will work with you to help recover the package or help reimburse or replace the contents, whichever costs less. It’s essential you quickly respond to such customer complaints to keep your business’s reputation on a good level.  All in all, UPS prefers to work with the shipper rather than the receiver. 

As a shipper, these are the following steps you will go through when working with UPS to locate a lost package:

1. Report the Missing Package: It’s actually required by UPS that shippers report any lost or stolen packages after waiting 24 hours after the delivery time. After you file a report, UPS will begin searching for the package, which can take up to 10 business days. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to let your customer know you are working with UPS to locate the package. 

Report the Missing Package

2. Authorization of the Claim: Upon finding the package, any claim will be denied and the package will be sent on to the recipient. UPS will notify you once the package has been delivered. However, if the package is located but too damaged, it will not be sent to the receiver. Instead, it will be sent back to the shipper. If UPS is unable to find the package, it will be considered stolen, and a claim letter will be sent to the shipper via fax, email, or regular post. 

3. Review of Documents: In order to prove the value of the package contents that were lost or stolen, you will need to provide UPS with some information. This includes proof of mailing, invoice, and purchase order. If the product falls within UPS guidelines, they will determine the value of the package and issue a reimbursement. 

4. Getting the Claim Paid: A payment is made to the shipper once the claim has been approved. A claim is only approved if the package was not delivered and can not be found or is too damaged to send to the recipient. As stated above, you can expect UPS to reimburse you for the package contents and shipping or pay to replace the contents, whichever is cheaper. 

The Bottom Line

Recouping the loss of a stolen or lost UPS package isn’t simple, no matter if you’re the sender or the receiver. Remember, as a receiver, you can not contact UPS directly about your issue. You must first contact the shipper, who will then work with UPS to find, replace, or reimburse the lost or stolen contents. 

Unfortunately, UPS package theft is on the rise. More and more people are finding this an easy way to steal – and right off your front porch! In many ways, it’s up to you to help prevent your package from getting stolen. Consider buying a porch locker or an extra-large parcel box as well as installing video surveillance if you’re often getting lots of packages. In the case of a lost package, having shipping insurance is always a good idea for both the shipper and the receiver.

Nathan Robinson

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