Box Sentinel Package Delivery Box Review 2023

Short Summary

  • Anti-theft and weatherproof with all aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Length: 41.75 inches (106 cm)
  • Width: 23.47 inches (59.61 cm)
  • Weight: 158 pounds (71.67 kg)

If there’s a sign of the times, it’s online shopping. In fact, online shopping has become so popular in recent years that it is threatening to bankrupt many brick-and-mortar stores. The dark side of this phenomenon is porch piracy, those quick and nimble thieves who snatch your packages from your porch. And it’s becoming a problem everywhere. More than 90,000 packages are stolen from porches in New York City every day. More than 30 percent of the packages stolen are snatched in California. 

Package theft has also soared in cities like Washington, DC, and Denver. Do, how do you protect your packages from theft until you can pick them up? You could try to buy your own vault until you realize that it’s possible with a Box Sentinel Parcel Vault, one of the best made and secure package protection systems available on the market today.

The Box Sentinel Parcel Vault is designed to be the toughest protection for packages available anywhere, with stainless steel and non-corrosive aluminum construction. It’s not one of your typical porch lockers either, as there’s simply nothing else available that will keep your packages out of the hands of thieves and away from the destructive impact of bad weather. 

With a Box Sentinel Parcel Vault, you will know that not only will your package be where you want it when you are ready to retrieve it, but it will be safe from rain and other bad weather. Perhaps best of all, however, is the peace of mind that you will have from knowing that your package is safe and you have video assurance that your purchase is where it should be. All you need to do wherever you have set up your Box Sentinel Parcel Vault is open the secure door, and take your package with you.

How Does the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault Work?

If you have ever had a package taken from your porch or had one damaged by inclement weather, or known someone who did, you are probably very familiar with the feeling of frustration, the irritation, and violation that being denied your purchase brings with it. And even if you received your parcel, but it was wet or otherwise made unusable, your money is still wasted.

What would happen if, on the other hand, there was a secure vault on your property where deliveries could be made, whether they were purchases made online and delivered or simply dropped off by a friend or neighbor? With the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault that is precisely what you have. There will never again be a problem with the very real possibility of being robbed by porch pirates or having to make other arrangements to make sure there is someone available to accept a parcel.

A Box Sentinel Parcel Vault can be installed virtually anywhere. It can be secured to an exterior wall and opened from either the inside or the outside, anchored in a concrete pad, or just placed on your patio. What matters is that porch pirates will see your Box Sentinel Parcel Vault and probably go looking for easier targets.

Access to your packages will be granted to you or whomever you allow access to your code, and whoever enters it via the LED keypad or audible tones. Once the correct code is entered, the door will open, the lights will come on, and you will have complete access to your packages.

After the proper access code is entered into the electronic keypad, a rotating latch similar in design to a bank vault will turn, opening the front cover door. The packages to be delivered are either dropped in or removed. When the delivery or pickup is complete, the door is closed, then the lock is secured. 

If you have poor dexterity or mobility issues, don’t despair. Once the exterior door is opened, there’s an interior hopper for quick and easy access, and it doesn’t take much strength to open it.

Night Access 

box sentinel review

If you have ever tried to check your mailbox at night, you know the feeling of putting your hands into a space you can’t see into. With the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault, this isn’t a problem, since it features an interior light that automatically comes on when the door is opened.

And speaking of lighting, all exterior placards on the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault are illuminated so your address is clearly shown on the outside where it can be seen.

Easy & Convenient Installation

The Box Sentinel Parcel Vault offers several different options for mounting it to a wall or horizontal surfaces such as a concrete pad, a porch, or a curbside platform. For wall mounting, there’s an access door on both the front and the back, making it easy to gain access from the inside of a room or outside. If instead, you choose to mount the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault to a ground surface, you can gain access from the back. Doing so will keep you out of traffic if it is placed curbside.

Power Sources

All power required for operation by the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault is provided by standard 12-volt dc. There’s also a solar panel that will allow you to install it practically anywhere, even where there might not be an immediate power source. As a result, if you want to install your Box Sentinel Parcel Vault away from your home or building, you can do it, even if there is no power source available. Just connect the solar panel with the electrical inside of your Box Sentinel Parcel Vault and you will have plenty of power to run everything inside.

In case of an unexpected power loss, the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault comes equipped with a mechanical key override system that allows you to open the door by simply inserting the key and moving the rotary latch. The latch is made in the US, so you know that it’s of the highest quality available.

Options, Options, Options

Who would have ever thought that ordering a parcel vault could involve so many choices? The truth is that there are so many different types of users, each with requirements of their own, that it’s imperative to give them choices to fit their needs. One user might require a front entry door for use on a patio. 

Another might want to mount their Box Sentinel Parcel Vault on a wall that has both interior as well as exterior access. Fortunately, the makers of Box Sentinel Parcel Vault have heard and responded to all of these needs. And when an order is placed with Amazon, the purchaser simply specifies the options they want. The end result is a product that is uniquely designed to fit your needs.

How Does the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault Hold up to Use?

Have you ever driven down a street only to notice that someone has probably driven past with a metal pole extending from the cab or the bed in order to knock over as many mailboxes as possible? It so happens that to make the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault as indestructible as we can was a major goal for the maker. 

After all, what good is a parcel vault if it’s easy to access or if it is easy to vandalize? Box Sentinel Parcel Vault has answered this question by creating their product with the finest in engineering and top quality materials such as 1/2 inch thick aluminum panels and heavy-duty stainless steel. 

Combine these materials and you will have one of the strongest containers that can be found anywhere to keep your packages safe and secure. And not only that but the design will ensure that your packages will remain safe from the weather as well. And that’s just the outside.

On the interior of the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault, you will find the unique feature of durable closed-cell foam which will help to reflect any heat that penetrates the exterior and threatens the packages inside. So go ahead and order your purchases in the dead of summer even groceries and medications that are sensitive to heat. 

Your packages will stay fresh despite it all. There is no other product on the market today that will ensure that your packages are secure from the heat as well as the cold.

Exterior Options

The Box Sentinel Parcel Vault comes in several colors, including satin white and black, textured red copper and copper vein, and standard powder coat finishes. You can order your Box Sentinel Parcel Vault in one of these available colors, or order it without a finish so you can paint it yourself. 

Regardless of the color you choose, you can be assured that your Box Sentinel Parcel Vault will give you many years of top-quality service. Everything about the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault is water-resistant, so you can put it practically anywhere. The maker of the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault also offers the option of coming to your site to install your product.

Size and Dimensions

box sentinel review

The Box Sentinel Parcel Vault stands 41.75 inches tall, by 23.47 inches wide. The package retrieval hatch measures 31.73 inches by 18.75 inches. The maximum size package that the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault can allow is 16″x18″x28″. According to Amazon, about 80 percent of all their packages will fit this size. It’s big enough to be considered one of the best choices for those looking for extra large parcel drop boxes.

How Much Does the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault Cost?

In terms of cost, it’s hard to put a price on the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault. Fortunately, even with the $2,695 price tag, it could be considered cheap. After all, according to law enforcement sources, last year one out of every five packages ordered online ended up being stolen after it was delivered. 

Furthermore, it is also estimated that the average price of each package stolen by a porch pirate was valued at a minimum of $140.00. Simply put, if you order products online often, you could be saving yourself considerable amounts of money by purchasing a Box Sentinel Parcel Vault.

And don’t count on the law protecting you since most states classify the theft of a package from a porch to be a misdemeanor if the crime is prosecuted at all. And unless the value of the package stolen is proven to be more than $1,000, chances are that the police will not bother helping you.

Mailboxes Too

For those who might rather take their deliveries at the curb, the company also offers a secure mailbox option, called the Mailbox Sentinel, that secures to the top of their vault. This option is sold separately. With the Mailbox Sentinel, letter-sized mail can be delivered and given the same security as packages. Further, the door of the Mailbox Sentinel also opens in the rear, which makes it easier and safer to access.

The Mailbox Sentinel is opened with a secondary code that gives access to both the mailbox and the parcel vault below. Carriers are given their own code in order to deposit mail or packages. Adding mail to the upper mailbox portion does not require a code, and the mail is kept separate from the parcels.

A separate unsecured mailbox can also be added to the side of the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault. A metal flag that shows when there is a pickup is also included.

The Mailbox Sentinel is ideally designed for those who leave their property for extended periods of time, vacations, holidays, and other periods while mail and parcels can pile up. All you need to do is to remove the base divider in the mailbox so that the mail is deposited in the parcel vault instead of the mailbox.

Pros and Cons of Box Sentinel Parcel Vault


The Box Sentinel Parcel Vault is constructed of high quality tempered Web plastic for safe storage of your packages until you are ready to access them

Advanced engineering keeps your packages safe from not only porch pirates, but bad weather as well

The Box Sentinel Parcel Vault is aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and weather-proof

Your app gives you ultimate control over everything having to do with the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault

The Box Sentinel Parcel Vault gives you the ability to control everything having to do with your package delivery


High price

Needs concrete pad for anchoring

Only comes in three colors

Why Should You Buy a Box Sentinel Parcel Vault?

When it comes to placing a value on a Box Sentinel Parcel Vault there are many things that need to be considered. First, of course, is if you spend any amount of money purchasing products online. Unfortunately, when a purchaser does make an online buy, there is often little information given about when the delivery will be made. As much as most online sellers would like to think otherwise, delivery dates are often little more than a guess. 

And unless you plan to camp in front of your home during the estimated time of delivery you could be throwing a lot of time out the window. Another option is to ask a neighbor to accept a package for you, which is also difficult, especially if they are gone any amount of time. Finally, there’s the option of accepting a package delivery at work, which can be awkward, not to mention against company policy. 

All of this is a long way around suggesting that you look for viable options if a Box Sentinel Parcel Vault is completely out of your price range. 

box sentinel review

Make no mistake about it. Not only is the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault more expensive than a standard mailbox delivery system, but it requires time and effort to install it where it is effective. If, on the other hand, you would rather have complete peace of mind that the purchases you made will be there when you arrive home, the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault is a good buy. 

And when you consider that a standard mailbox will probably need to be replaced every few years, not to mention open to vandalism, the price of a Box Sentinel Parcel Vault can be increasingly reasonable. 

If you would like to continue to purchase items online, the Box Sentinel Parcel Vault might be just the thing for you. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that your purchases will be safe and unaffected by the weather, but chances are also very good that thanks to superior construction and materials your Box Sentinel Parcel Vault will give you good service for many years to come.

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