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Porch pirates stole my package and now I'm on a mission to stop them from doing the same thing to you. I'm always researching, inspecting and informing myself on the newest porch lockers and other technology that can help stop package theft. My library of free content is growing bigger by the day - dive in and together we can defeat porch pirates.

Box Sentinel Package Delivery Box Review 2020

box sentinel review

If there’s a sign of the times, it’s online shopping. In fact, online shopping has become so popular in recent years that it is threatening to bankrupt many brick and mortar stores. The dark side of this phenomenon is porch piracy, those quick and nimble thieves who snatch your packages from your porch. And it’s

The Top Porch Pirate Revenge Videos (Updated for 2020)

porch pirate revenge

There has been a dramatic rise in the frequency of porch pirates. People spend their hard-earned money shopping online and porch pirates will try to swipe their packages right out from under them, because it’s so easy and the loot might be valuable. Often, it can be hard to recover a package that has been

The 5 Best Parcel Boxes to Buy in 2020


Are you tired of porch thieves? They’re becoming more common, as people are getting more and more items delivered to their home. If you do a lot of shopping through Amazon, you really need to be able to protect your packages from package theft. But how? Porch lockers are the perfect way. With the right

Your Amazon Package Stolen? Do This Immediately

amazon package stolen

The packages you have delivered to your home from Amazon are no doubt important to you. Amazon is the retail e-commerce giant of the day. Customers can buy everything from electronics and books to groceries and household goods on the site.  Even better, Prime delivery gives consumers free one or two-day shipping, which means they

Package Theft Statistics Report 2020

Package Theft Statistics

Ecommerce continues to grow and this growth calls for new challenges as well. Since there are so many people who prefer to get their products delivered, package theft continues to be a big problem. Thieves, also known as porch pirates do not care what is in the package so long as they can get their

Danby Parcel Guard: the Smart Mailbox Review 2020

danby parcel guard review

Package theft is a growing problem today. Now, it is not unusual to hear stories of people having their packages swooped right off of their doorsteps by package thieves. Now, there is a possible solution. This comes in the form of the Danby Parcel Guard. This is a smart mailbox program that can be left

The 5 Best Extra Large Parcel Drop Boxes 2020

Best Extra Large Parcel Drop Boxes

Most thievery is a matter of opportunity. Parcel boxes protect your goods in two ways. First, the obvious: they’re hard to get into. But second, many porch pirates won’t even think about stealing your packages if they don’t see them out in the open. The only challenge with delivery boxes today is the fact that