The 5 Best Parcel Boxes to Buy in 2023

Our favorite parcel box is Doorbox UltraPremium because it has a secure combination lock, audible alarm, and clear instructions that all major carriers understand how to follow.

Are you tired of porch thieves? They’re becoming more common, as people are getting more and more items delivered to their homes. If you do a lot of shopping through Amazon, you really need to be able to protect your packages from porch pirates. But how?

Porch lockers are a perfect solution. With the right porch lockers and package drop boxes, you’re able to get your deliveries at home without any disruption.


DoorBox UltraPremium

Perfect solution for those who are fed up with stolen packages or missed deliveries.

✅ Secure combination lock and an audible alarm. Has clear instructions on how to leave the package inside.
Figuring out the alarm system can be a bit tricky.


Architectural Mailboxes Elephant Trunk

A versatile, secure mailbox with a great USPS-style dropbox feature.

✅ Carriers can drop packages right in, where they’ll be kept safe by the pry-resistant structure.
It’s a bit more industrial-looking than the other options.


Step2 Deluxe Package Delivery Box

An elegant, easy-to-use porch locker with a resilient resin construction.

✅ Attractive and affordable with no needed installation.
Requires carriers to have a key or key-code to drop packages off.

You don’t need to get packages delivered to your work, and you don’t have to worry about people snagging your goods before you’re able to get home. Porch lockers vary from industrial and highly secure to elegant and attractive. If you’re thinking about getting a porch locker, here are some great options.

Best Porch Lockers Reviews & Recommendations for 2023

Best for Small Packages and Mail: DoorBox UltraPremium

The DoorBox UltraPremium delivery box is a great choice if you are tired of missing deliveries or dealing with package thefts. Despite being called UltraPremium, it is still the best for small and medium packages and mail.

For the extra large parcel drop boxes, check out our other buying guide. But what is really great about this package delivery box is its patented security features. A locking assembly that connects to every type of doorknob or guardrail in 5 seconds, as well as a 125-decibel audible alarm, prevents attempts to steal from you.

Assembling the box usually takes about 2 minutes, and no power tools are necessary.  You can easily move this delivery box in and out of the house yourself because it has wheels. Premium high-quality material means that the box can be left outside regardless of the weather.

DoorBox unlocks with a custom code that you can set up and send to the delivery company. Your packages will be safe and sound, waiting inside the DorBox when you return home to collect them.



Effective alarm system.

Clear instructions on how to leave the package inside.


Requires a combination code to unlock.

Unattractive look.

Most Convenient: Architectural Mailboxes Elephant Trunk

This is a great design that’s based on a traditional mailbox. It has a one-way rotating drum design, where packages can be dropped in but not taken back out. There is a pry-resistant lock system so no one can open up the device, and there are two keys that can be used to open the device later on.

To prevent people from simply breaking into the device, you can bolt it to the ground. And there’s an indicator for when deliveries can’t be accepted any longer. Altogether, that creates a virtually professional system for package acceptance. Parcels can also be left behind a partition to be picked up, thereby protecting packages that are going out, too.


✅ Attractive and unique.

✅ Slot allows packages to be dropped right in.

✅ Anti-tamper prevents packages from being pulled out.


A little larger and more noticeable than other options.

May not suit every decor.

The Best Appearance: The Step 2 Package Delivery Box, in Elegant Black

With the Step 2 Package delivery box, you’re able to keep your deliveries out of sight in an attractive box. And because the Step 2 Package delivery box looks like furnishings and decor, people won’t automatically know that it has something special inside it. Get a little closer, and the deliveries marking on the side tells delivery personnel where they should put your stuff.

In terms of security, the Step 2 Package box has both a latch and a lid, and it can be used with either BoxLock or a traditional padlock. So, the entire device can be locked and your packages will be protected when you’re out. 

This box is made with a resin construction, so don’t worry about the weather either. The water-safe design means that your packages will be protected from rain or sunshine. And, of course, the large size of the design also helps. It can accommodate packages up to 25 x 15 x 18 inches in size.


✅ A one-way, secure drop slot.

✅ No installation needed.

✅ Attractive and timeless.


Can’t accept very large packages.

Not bolted in.

Best for Lots of Packages: The Keter Package Delivery System

With a beautiful design and a footprint that’s only 24.4 by 20.9 inches, the Keter Package system is a great choice for those who want something stylish, beautiful, and long-lasting. While it can’t accept very large packages, it can accept quite a few of them.

Deliveries can be kept private and protected, and the Keter Package system will also protect goods from the weather. Further, its design makes it possible for people to accept packages without having to have a key. Packages are dropped in one way and aren’t able to be taken out without a key.

Perhaps the most convenient aspect of this system is that it doesn’t require any special type of hardware or installation.


✅ A one-way, secure drop slot.

✅ No installation needed.

✅ Attractive and timeless.


Can’t accept very large packages.

Not bolted in.

Most Secure: dVault Secure Vault

While expensive, the dVault Secure Vault is the perfect solution for those who are extremely concerned about their security. This is an extraordinarily heavy-duty vault-like container, which means it’s mostly ideal for people who have serious packages that they want to protect. 

Though it does look industrial, it still has a modern appearance to it and a unique style. With the dVault, there’s no reason to worry about your packages while you aren’t at home, and it’s so tough that it can even be commercially rated.

There’s a security drop door and anti-pry hook, so packages are dropped in at the top, and then they fall to a second chamber where they can’t be removed. From there, another key is needed to open it up. Stainless steel hinges and heavy-duty 16 gauge galvanized steelwork together to make sure that even the most dedicated of thieves aren’t going to break in.

If you’re still in doubt that this box is the right one for you, consider that it’s USPS approved and made in the United States. It’s one of the most secure options, with the price being the only real downside.


✅ USPS approved mailbox.

✅ Extremely durable and secure.

✅ Drop door with anti-pry hook.


More expensive than other options.

Large and imposing.

Finding the Right Porch Locker for You

When looking at porch lockers, there are four things that you need to consider: cost, size, appearance, and security.

Everyone has different needs in terms of their budget, the packages they get, whether appearance matters to them, and the security level that they need. 

The best overall porch locker on the market right now is DoorBox UltraPremium, which comes with an excellent security system. It also has clear instructions on how to leave the package inside.

The best budget porch locker is Step2 Deluxe package delivery box, which is an elegant, easy-to-use porch locker with a resilient resin construction.

The above five porch lockers are each the best in their respective categories, and they’re a great jumping-off point for those who want to start securing packages in their home or business. You can start defeating package theft now.

Nathan Robinson

Porch pirates stole my package and now I’m on a mission to stop them from doing the same thing to you. I’m always researching, inspecting and informing myself on the newest porch lockers and other technology that can help stop package theft. My library of free content is growing bigger by the day – dive in and together we can defeat porch pirates.