The Top Porch Pirate Revenge Videos (Updated for 2023)

There has been a dramatic rise in the frequency of porch pirates. People spend their hard-earned money shopping online and porch pirates will try to swipe their packages right out from under them because it’s so easy and the loot might be valuable.

Often, it can be hard to recover a package that has been stolen by porch pirates. Without any idea of what the person looks like, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Now, many homeowners are starting to take matters into their own hands. Rightfully, it infuriates consumers to know their packages keep getting swiped. This has led to some fantastic porch pirate revenge videos.

The Glitter Bomb Trap 3.0

In this video, someone who has a lot of experience with porch pirates has set a trap for the unsuspecting porch pirate. Inside of the package, he has placed a glitter bomb along with some extensive camera work to capture everything on tape for the purposes of the video.

In fact, this is not the first time this user has uploaded a video using a glitter bomb on a porch pirate. Glitter and paint bombs are commonly used to mark thieves because they paint the individual with undeniable evidence that he or she has committed the crime.

As funny as this video is, it is also important to note that parts of the video appear to be fake. The reaction of the thief looks a bit forced and the timing is too perfect. It was almost as though he knew what was coming. Even though this video is entertaining, this likely isn’t practical. Even for people who are victims of porch pirates multiple times, it is hard to predict when someone is going to strike.

The Police Get Involved

Porch pirates are becoming so common that even the police are starting to get involved. Here is a fantastic video that was posted by ABC News discussing how police are learning to target and crack down on porch pirates.

In this video, the police conduct a sting operation to catch multiple porch pirates at the same time. It is sad to hear that people are trying to steal Christmas packages and law enforcement personnel are starting to take note. Furthermore, note that porch pirates might not always be committing “petty theft.” Depending on what is inside the packages, these porch pirates might actually be committing grand larceny.

The Stinky Revenge

Homeowners are coming up with all sorts of ways to take revenge on evil porch pirates. In this video that was captured using a Ring doorbell, it is clear this homeowner is at their limit.

This time, the homeowner has decided to get some payback against porch pirates. The homeowner stated that he was incredibly frustrated and fed up with his packages going missing from his front door. This explains the Ring doorbell, complete with a camera to catch porch pirates, but he also left an additional surprise. He baits a package with dog poop. This is a nice twist off of the classic burning bag of dog poop prank from decades past!

Kitty Litter Strikes Back

This is a heartbreaking story concerning a mother whose daughter had her medication stolen from the front porch. Many parents have their children’s medication delivered to them. Often, these kids have chronic medical conditions and cannot live without this medication. It is horrible to have this medication stolen from the front porch. It might not even be valuable to the thief!

Now, this mother posted a video of how she’s taking revenge. In the video, she describes how she takes kitty litter from her adorable cat and filled it up in a package. Then, she left it for the thief to teach him or her a lesson. Even though this might not elicit the same reaction as the glitter bomb, it will send a stern message nonetheless.

Trap That Fires Shotgun Blanks

Another innovative way to exact revenge on unsuspecting porch thieves can be seen in this video. The homeowner became fed up with their package being stolen and decided to scare off package pirates.

Engineering something like this is relatively simple. You need shotgun blanks, fishing line, a wooden box, some bricks, a small plate, a cardboard box, and a vessel made out of aluminium where you put in the shotgun blanks. Like this video indicates, the sound is more than enough to fend off people who continue nicking stuff off of your porch.

Porch Pirate Trapped In Snow

Man Trying To Steal A Package Gets Confronted By Home Owner With An AR-15

Taking Revenge on Porch Pirates

While many of these revenge videos are fantastic, it is important to remember that videos that appear too good to be true, such as the glitter bomb, have probably been faked to some extent. It is nice to know that police officers are finally starting to crack down on porch pirates using sting operations.

Unless everyone invests in top-quality porch lockers, more videos of homeowners taking revenge and police departments running successful sting operations are going to be posted in the future. People should keep their eyes open for more videos like the ones shared above!

Nathan Robinson

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