BoxLock Package Delivery Lock Review 2022

Short Summary

  • Secure deliveries from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and more
  • Receive notifications when packages are scanned and securely delivered using BoxLock
  • Length: 6.5 inches (16.51cm)
  • Width: 2.6 inches (6.60cm)
  • Weight: 2 pounds (0.91kg)

The BoxLock Package Delivery Lock is a smart lock you place on a package container to prevent theft of delivered packages. The lock is well-designed, functional, and easy to use, but does rely on package carriers using it and can have issues with remote connection on occasion. 

The BoxLock Package Delivery Lock

Package theft has grown into a major problem. Porch Pirates are so prevalent in some places that thousands of packages are stolen daily. Even though I’ve only had one incident involving a stolen package, it was enough to spur me to look into protective measures. The BoxLock, which is $129 from Amazon, is a smart padlock that has a scanner built-in. 

When a package is delivered, the carrier must use the lock to scan the package to unlock the lock. The smart lock actually instantly checks that the scanned package is scheduled for delivery to you before it will open. The carrier can then place the package inside the parcel box and relock the BoxLock to secure the package until you get home.

You will also get notifications when the lock is opened and a package is delivered. The whole concept is pretty impressive. Here’s my review of the BoxLock Package Delivery Lock.

Pros & Cons of the BoxLock Package Delivery Lock


The lock has a good, sturdy construction with a secure locking mechanism. 

The BoxLock is relatively easy to set up after reading the instructions. 

A built-in barcode scanner makes it easy for the delivery person to unlock the container. 

Works with all the best porch lockers available on the market.

The lock can be connected to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The lock recognizes the most common package carriers (UPS, USPS, and FedEx).

You can add multiple lock users to your account to allow them to unlock the BoxLock as needed.


The router has to be in fairly close range if you have a basic router. 

The company only offers a 30-day return policy, which is kind of short given most people won’t use the lock but a handful of times a month. 

Getting the lock to scan a barcode on a phone screen can be a challenge in bright sunlight. 

The carriers have to be instructed on how to use the lock, which means either showing each one personally or leaving written instructions that may or may not be followed. 

Overall Design and Function 

One of the first things you see about BoxLock is just how noticeable it is. It is a large lock that measures roughly 6.5 inches long by 2.6 inches wide, and it is bright yellow and black, so it is very hard to miss. It’s hard to miss even on the extra large parcel drop boxes, which are used by households that receive lots of deliveries. 

This purposeful design is meant to make it simple for people delivering packages to spot the lock on a container when a customer has one of these in place. 

The build of the lock is also impressive. You get a lock that has a sort of triangular body with a ridge along the front and a flat back. The body of the lock’s outer shell is stated to be built from fiber-reinforced material and the inner casing is created from zinc. A nice metal shackle with a thick diameter also gives the lock a secure look. 

BoxLock Package Delivery Lock

Image source: BoxLock

The base of the lock has an integrated barcode scanner that you may not notice unless you hit the button situated on top that activates the scanner. Internally, BoxLock has a rechargeable battery that you can recharge with an included USB charging cable. 

As a bonus, the lock can stay charged for something like 30 days before it needs to be recharged. The lock also has an internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio for close-range connections. 

You can use BoxLock with just about any type of box that has a place to install a padlock. For convenience, you can pick up boxes made to coincide on the BoxLock website. I had already purchased a parcel box, which I bolted to the porch so it couldn’t be easily packed off, so I just connected the lock to this. 

Installation Overview and Tips 

When you receive the BoxLock, you get a printed barcode you can scan to unlock the box whenever you want manually. However, you should register an account for your lock on the BoxLock website to take advantage of all the features. 

When you set up the BoxLock app on your smartphone, you can remotely open the lock, link your BoxLock account to USPS, UPS MyChoice, FedEx, and Amazon so delivery information is streamlined. If you create an account, you can get automated alerts via text or email when someone opens the lock to make a delivery, which is nice. 

In the app, your home account screen shows you right away if the lock is locked or not, the battery charge level, and recent lock activity. 

You can also share your barcode with someone else so they can open the lock. I have three household members, so I sent an access barcode to each of them. If you need to remove any of the access barcodes that have been created for other users, you can simply go into the Barcode Access area and remove them. 

It is pretty cool how the BoxLock app works. Once you have connected your email accounts, email alerts you get from different carriers will automatically be scanned by the app to create an entry on the Package screen, so you can look at tracking progress of incoming packages right from the app. 

You can also manually enter tracking numbers to get updates within the app if it is not catching incoming emails.

Tips for Setup From Firsthand Experience

  • Setting up your account configuring the lock is simple. I simply opened the app, created an account, and tapped “Add a BoxLock.” You then follow the steps to connect the lock to your home’s Wi-Fi. I did have to move my router so it was in closer range to the lock, which seems to be an issue for a lot of other users. 
  • Make sure the lock is fully charged before pairing. My lock died halfway through the process so I had to stop and retry. I don’t think the lock was fully charged when I received it. 
  • The BoxLock app does not work with POP3 email accounts, but it does work with Gmail and IMAP. You can connect multiple emails. 
  • Go ahead and create some kind of printed instructions for delivery personnel that you can stick to your parcel box. I placed mine in a protective clear sheath so it could withstand the rain.  
  • The Home screen of the app has a gear wheel where you can control notification settings, connect the lock to Wi-Fi, and more. You will use this area quite a bit in the beginning.

The BoxLock Package Delivery Lock Performance

BoxLock Package Delivery Lock
Image source: BoxLock

When I installed my BoxLock, I already had two incoming packages, which was convenient because I didn’t have to wait long to see the lock in action. 

I actually had to rush a bit to get an instruction sign created before the first delivery because I was anxious to see the lock perform. I simply gave a few instructions about the lock’s functions and asked them to kindly relock the lock when the package was delivered.

I immediately got a text message when the FedEx delivery guy used the lock and dropped off the first package. A push notification also told me the lock had been opened and a package delivered. 

The second package (brought by USPS) was left on the front stoop even though the lockbox and BoxLock were just a few feet away. I did, however, get a text that the package was delivered thanks to the BoxLock app having that package information integrated into it.

Later when I reviewed my security footage of the front porch, I saw the FedEx guy stop and read the instructions, look curiously at the lock, and then scan the package as instructed to open the BoxLock. He obviously had not used BoxLock before but seemed rather impressed with the process because he walked away with a smile. The USPS lady was in such a rush that she never looked at the parcel box or lock at all.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the BoxLock Package Delivery Lock is a really good product, and it is perfectly possible that everyone who shops online could need one of these in lieu of the growing package-theft problem. This lock is only one of the first available, so it is possible that some of the models that come along later may be a bit more evolved and efficient after certain kinks are worked out.

The two main problems to mention that made a major difference are that it is sometimes difficult to get the lock to unlock remotely and not all delivery personnel understand how it works. The latter issue is bound to change as more consumers start using a package lockbox in their porches and package carriers are better trained on what to do. 

The advantages here are obvious; no package theft worries, which is a huge relief. Also, it has been nice to not be worried about a delivered package until I can get home to retrieve it.

I can see this package delivery lock growing to be a really big thing, especially since porch pirating has grown into such a massive problem. The BoxLock website states that they are working to educate package carriers to help with awareness. Once that happens and the small kinks are worked out, this remedy for package theft is bound to grow in popularity.

Nathan Robinson

Porch pirates stole my package and now I’m on a mission to stop them from doing the same thing to you. I’m always researching, inspecting and informing myself on the newest porch lockers and other technology that can help stop package theft. My library of free content is growing bigger by the day – dive in and together we can defeat porch pirates.